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March 14th

Nice mix of fish for Bill and his grandsons, today. They all did really good for their first time on the river. The bite has been getting better every day.

The air is warming and the snow is melting. Its time to GET THE NET WET! March 9th

I had a good time on the water with Dan from Woody's Guide Service, his daughter Kate and her boyfriend Andy.

We had consistent action most of the day with a variety of species. Then around 1:15 the action heated up! Three drifts in a row we had a triple,double,double and while taking the picture of the second double we caught a walleye that didn't make the picture. Can't wait to get back out there today...

March 10th

We had another surprise musky today with Woody's Guide Service. Great day to be on the water.

March 11th

The sun felt really good today. Blue bird skies and the fish were cooperating. Jim and Cliff had there hands full on the lower Niagara river.

February 6th & 7th
Niagara River winter steelhead fishing out of Lewiston New York.

Cold and icy couple days on the river for Waller winter fest and the Niagara river anglers steelhead tournament. We had a good time and caught some nice fish. Durring the two days we caught steelhead, brown trout, lake trout and walleye. February is one of the best times of the year to fish the river.

Feb 4th

Finally got a chance to try out the new Yakima Bait Company MAG LIP 3.0. Lots of ice and west wind on the Niagara today. Not the best day to pull plugs but I couldn't wait any longer. We ran one stock and one with the center hook & snap removed. Both lures caught fish. The stock lure out preformed the modified lure and neither one snagged. They will both get some more water time this weekend. I think we have a home run with this one!

January 24th

Great day on the Lower Niagara River on Saturday with some new friends. This was there first time fishing steelhead on the river. All four guys were on the program before the end of the first drift and the action good all day. We had at least 45 bites and landed around 25 fish! When the action is this good it's hard to keep track.

ONE MORE THING...The bite hasn't peaked yet it's just going to get better in February!

The new year brings us a new fishing season and some new adventures. Follow us as we create new memories and relive some old ones.

Winter is finally settling in on western New York. Lake Erie is 90% ice covered, the Niagara River is the perfect color green and the temperature is averaging between 15-25 degrees.

This is steelhead season on the Lower Niagara River. January & February offer some of the best fishing if the year. Dig out some warm clothes and let's go fishing. This is the cure for cabin fever!

First two trips of 2015...

January, 19th
It felt really good to get back on the water today! The water was a chalky green color and the clarity improved as the day went on. It's winter steelhead season on the lower Niagara river. Bud and Doug had a good day steelheading today and landed lots of nice fish.

January, 20th

COLD start to day 2 with Bud and Doug today. When we left the dock it 7 degrees and north wind. Anything that could freeze...did! These guys are troopers! They dressed warm and hung in there all day. Their reward was a nice limit of fish and extras that we released.

It's time to go fishing...let's GET THE NET WET!

Taking A Close Look At The Niagara Area Fishing Waters
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WET NET CHARTERS provides comfortable fishing aboard a 21 foot Lund | Baron deep V fishing boat that takes you along the eight-mile stretch of the Lower Niagara River, Lake Ontario, and Lake Erie.

The Lower Niagara is one of the best trout fisheries in the world. Lake Ontario offers the finest fresh water King Salmon fishing available. Lake Erie provides Smallmouth Bass fishing second to none.

WET NET guide service offers twelve months of trophy fishing for a variety of warm and cold water fish. Targeted species are: Rainbow Trout (Steelhead), King Salmon, Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye. Perch and Coho Salmon.

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Riley Blakley, Gloversville, NY

  A New York State Freshwater Fishing License is required for adults
(16+ years old).

They can be easily obtained at any Walmart Store in New York State or at
Lewiston Town Hall, Lewiston, NY. (at the 'Red Brick School House').
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